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About gti / Munsell Standard Neutral Gray Latex Paint For Graphic Arts & Photographic Applications specified by ISO 3664:2000

Not all grays are neutral!

A "neutral" gray is not simply a black-white mix, but an equal mixture of all the spectrum (r-o-y-g-b-i-v) colors. A spectrophotometric measurement of such a gray will show it to contain approximately equal amounts of those spectrum colors. Non-neutral grays, however, have unequal amounts of the spectrum colors, causing a cold or warm color shift under differing lighting conditions.

Why is Neutral Gray specified and recommended for color viewing?

• It eliminates "simultaneous color contrast". For example, a red sample viewed on a blue background has an orange cast, while the same red viewed on a yellow background appears slightly purple. For the eye to see color accurately, it is imperative that the surround environment be chromatically neutral.

• It minimizes "color pollution" of viewing areas caused by reflections from chromatic surfaces. When D50 or D65 standard illumination is reflected from colored walls, etc., its color quality changes so it is no longer "standard". The application of a neutral gray to chromatic surfaces will eliminate such color pollution by providing spectrally neutral surfaces around the viewing area.

Application and Use

This paint is ideal for use in color viewing areas which require Munsell N8, N7, or N5 gray surround as specified by ISO 3664:2000. This paint is specially formulated to have a spectrally flat response without any color bias. Standard Gray Neutral 5, 7, or 8 are water-reducible vinyl latex paints available in one gallon for convenient application by roller, spray gun, or brush. Air drying – for use on interiors.

One gallon provides an approximate coverage of 450 square feet per gallon. Any latex primer can be used to prepare the walls.

Munsell colors

Standard Gray Neutral 8

Formulated for use in color viewing areas in the graphic arts and photographic industries which require a neutral gray surround equivalent to Munsell N8.

Standard Gray Neutral 7

A slightly darker tone specifically formulated for use in color viewing areas in the paints, plastics, textiles, and other non-graphics related industries which require a neutral gray surround equivalent to Munsell N7.

Standard Gray Neutral 5

Specially formulated to provide approximately 18% neutral gray surfaces equivalent to Munsell N5. This paint is used to create ideal surroundings for a variety of imaging applications.