Moab Proofing papers is the new range of affordable, consistent and quality contract proofing papers. The inkjet media is optimized for a wide range of proofing applications including the international color standards, FOGRA and GRACoL. The Moab Proofing papers offer extra-large color gamut, intense color rendering and deep, dark blacks, instant dry, compatibility with dye and pigments inks and all mounted to 3” cores to reduce curl. Moab Proofing papers are compatible with all brands of inkjet printers and RIP software.

MOAB Semimatte 195 GRACoL 2006

$151.52 Details

MOAB Semimatte 240 GRACoL 2013

$161.85 Details

MOAB Semimatte 240 GRACoL 2006

$161.85 Details