TECHKON GmbH is a leading manufacturer of opto-electronic measuring devices for the Graphic Industry. Over its 20-year history, the company located in K�nigstein near Frankfurt / Germany, has experienced steady growth to become an important supplier of densitometers, color measurement systems and software solutions for applications in pre-press and print.

Techkon SpectroDens

$5,800.00 Details

Techkon SpectroPlate

$5,400.00 Details

Techkon SpectroJet w/ ExPresso

$13,000.00 Details

Techkon SpectroDrive w/ ExPresso

$24,500.00 Details

SpectroDens Upgrades

$1,850.00 Details

Techkon SpectroPlate Upgrades

$1,000.00 Details

ChromaQA Software

$4,500.00 Details